A Look at The Best Car Amplifiers This Year

sundown-audio-1577347_640So you’ve finally purchased your new vehicle and turned on the sound system, however, something does not sound right. Your audio appears to be muffled and does not sound punchy. The truth is, OEM audio rarely sounds good. What you may have overlooked is investing in a quality car audio amplifier.

Some car amplifier manufacturers mislead customers by listing ‘peak’ wattage on their product instead of ‘RMS’ or continuous power which often leads to consumers experiencing, let’s say, 15 watts continuous power perhaps, to 4 speakers from a 60 watts amp. The battle for the title of best car amplifier is one that many well-known audio companies take very seriously and this shows in the quality of their products. There are many top brands of car audio amplifiers on the market today so lets analyze them and see which is the best car amplifier. Top car amplifier brands include but are not limited to: Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate, Alpine, JL Audio and others.

Here are the top three best amp reviews that you can get for your ride this year:

-Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D Class D

Known for their ultra premium lineup, Rockford Fosgate surely does not disappoint with the R750-1D. This mono-block, despite its small form factor (which many may appreciate) packs massive power output. 250 watts RMS to a 4-ohm sub-woofer or a whopping 750 watts RMS when linked to a 1-ohm sub-woofer will leave your jaws hanging. One extremely welcomed feature is it’s infrasonic filter which keeps extremely low (almost inaudible) bass notes from damaging the system. It’s most definitely a strong contender for the title of best car amplifier.

-Kenwood KAC-8406

When most hear the name Kenwood, trusted comes to mind. Kenwood has been in the audio business for years and the quality of their amplifiers are a testament of such. The KAC-8406 is a 4 channel amplifier that can not only be used to power sub-woofers but also regular component speakers. Output comes in at 70 watts RMS to 4 channels with 4-ohm impedance, 200 watts RMS to 2 channels with 4-ohms and 450 watts RMS to one channel at 4-ohms.This is an excellent amplifier from a trusted brand at an exceptional price and is another applicant for the best car amplifier. You’ve got nothing to lose.

-JL Audio JX1000/1D

The creme de la creme. This big daddy serves one purpose and that is to destroy any competition that has the misfortune to cross it’s path. The JX1000/1D is a class D mono-block outputting 500 watts at 4-ohms. At 3-ohms it powers 750 watts and at 2-ohms it will consistently, without a sweat, dish out 1000 watts. This amplifier includes a variable bass boost control which ranges from 0 to12 decibels at around 45 Hz. In addition to its amazing power output the JX1000/1D maintains its compact size and is certainly the best car amplifier this year raking in consistent reviews everywhere due to its affordable price tag of USD 293.00. Most certainly a bang for the buck.

To conclude, if you’re looking for some serious audio upgrades and require the best car amplifier, its time to take take the leap. We recommend any the above amplifiers based on your budget. All of the amplifiers we looked at were extremely capable in their own regards and we are confident they will not leave you disappointed.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Trusted Mobile Mechanic

When it comes to taking care of your highly invested property like your vehicle, you want only the best possible to handle its maintenance and repairs. Most of car owners understand how important to find the right mobile mechanic to give just the best for their car, so these car owners have one same objective and that is to find and hire the best mobile mechanic out of many mobile mechanics.
With so many companies and service providers to choose from, finding the best out of these so many choices can be daunting, not if you know what to look for and factors you need to consider. Car services are not really something that we, car owners like to experiment with – there are just too many satisfaction and safety issues. However, all good things must come to an end when you are able to find someone to trust. If you’re on the hunt for a new mobile mechanic, it doesn’t have to be a hit and miss operation; as a highly invested car owner, you want to look at how to separate the best mechanics from the rest. Here are the important factors to consider when looking for the best mobile mechanics in any local area you are residing.

Licensed Company- Hiring a certified and licensed mobile mechanic is critical, especially if you want to protect your investment in your car repairs. Finding and hiring a licensed and certified mobile mechanic will confirm that you are hiring a professional that has met all the requirements and passed all the proper trainings required to provide reliable and efficient car services. This will give you some peace of mind, as this usually means that the service provider you choose and put your trust on has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours under the hood of a vehicle.

Provides Written Quotes- All reliable and professional mobile mechanics will offer you a written quote including the estimated number of labor hours and the required parts to complete the repairs or the service. Make sure to get written quotes from several different service providers, so you can compare and come up with the best choice. If a company doesn’t offer written quotes, move on to the next one. Always remember that good company or mobile mechanic will want to assure you that there will not be any hidden charges, and you would not want that also, so a written estimate quote is the best method for doing this.

Access To Genuine Replacement Automotive Parts- Saving time is one of the main reasons why you want the service offered by a mechanic. To make sure that quick vehicle repair is are done, it is important that you hire a mobile mechanic or a specialized company that has access to fast and genuine replacement automotive parts. Genuine parts are always the better option to replicate the part that you need.

Choosing a Reliable Auto Body Shop

When one’s car requires auto body work, a person doesn’t want to take it just anywhere to be repaired. Ideally one would like to take the vehicle to a body shop that offered superior service; preferably a place that employed trained technicians. There are some of these auto body repair shops in Concord, CA for example. They actually have created state-of-the-art collision centers where people can bring their cars for all sorts of damage repair. Whether one lives in California or elsewhere, taking some time to identify the best body shops in the local area can pay off when one’s car is in need of repairs.


Some people think the difference between body shops isn’t a big deal. They figure all auto body repair shops are the same. Actually, the service provided at these garages can vary widely. A good rule of thumb is to look for awards designations or certifications that show that the body shop is an outstanding repair center. This may take some time to research, but creating a list of the most qualified body shops can provide valuable returns.
One way that a superior auto body shop can benefit a driver is if a beautiful new car is severely dented in a hail storm. This type of incident can be very distressing to the car owner. Fortunately, there are some body shops that offer expert dent repair work. It’s a good idea to know where to take a car that has been damaged by hail. Asking friends or searching online can uncover some possibilities.

Another way that a good auto body expert can provide value is after a car has been through an accident. It’s important to get someone who really understands damage repair to work on a car that has been wrecked. The very best auto body specialists will provide a lifetime guarantee for their work that is attributable to the accident damage they repaired. People should read these guarantees thoroughly to ensure there is no fine print or other stipulations that weaken the warranty.

There are many other specialties that auto body shops provide. Some shops are vehicle conversion specialists. They can convert vans to include lifts and other assistive devices that aid physically challenged drivers and passengers. This type of body-work is extremely specialized and the experts who perform it are usually in high demand. Their ability to transform a vehicle through the installation of ramps, assistive seating, and other equipment provides great value to many people. Some shops even offer luxury conversions and pre-fabbed or custom conversions.

Ultimately an outstanding body shop does more than hang a shingle outside its door and proclaim that it is the best shop around. A good auto repair shop has built its reputation on quality work and exceptional customer service. While there may be an auto repair shop on nearly every corner in some cities, some research into the best shops can save a person a lot of time and trouble when a car needs work.

A Car Or A Bike – Ask A Pro!

Ask any motorcyclist whether they would rather have an auto or a cruiser, and they will keep running with the last said. There are different reasons why people slant toward cruisers over cars (as doubtlessly there are different reasons why people support automobiles over bicycles – yet today we are going to examine bicycles).

Having the cruiser obviously has its different favorable circumstances, in any case, sooner or later I am going to say just five of the most clear reasons why you should get a bicycle, and why it is perfect to have a bicycle than an auto.

Park Where You Like

With bicycles you don’t have to push over getting a parking space. You can stop your cruiser basically everywhere. Furthermore, you will have the ability to go to spots you perhaps can’t pass through auto. Bicycles are useful in light of the fact that you can put them and forsake all of them over, and you have to stretch over finding a spot for your bicycle, ensuing to wherever is a sensible spot for your cruiser.


Cars Won’t Get Into Way

Motorcyclists may seem like touchy people when they start going around your auto in development, be that as it may this couldn’t be further a long way from reality. Okay, so perhaps a couple of motorcyclists are on edge, however for the lion’s offer is just genuinely pleasant to evade automobiles and it in like manner extras your time. In like manner, at whatever point you are stuck in action with your auto, motorcyclists can go around a congested street in their bicycles. This is precisely why it is especially worthwhile to have a bicycle, furthermore why various motorcyclists support their cruiser to their cars.

Motors And Adrenaline Vs. Cars

Nothing can supplant the amazing feeling you get once you get on your bicycle. It’s the assessment opportunity, and also the feeling power. It would all have the capacity to quite recently be appeared differently in relation to the slant you get when you are flying do in the sky. The adrenaline surge will make your heart to go wild.

Repairing A Car

Motorcyclists moreover venerate their cruisers since they can do all these minor changes and repairs on their bicycles, so it take after being a specialist for a relaxation movement. Various motorcyclists really acknowledge getting parts for their cruisers, cleaning them, repairing them, and enhancing them. It is just as they were watching over their nearest buddy.

Speed It Up!

Alright, the rate! Nothing can make you disregards your hassles like a conventional and bicycle ride. You will have the ability to speed along the lanes, like you could never have done in an auto, the slant basically isn’t the same. With the bicycle, it’s reasonable you, the bicycle, and the road – is there much else magnificent than that?

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